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Make Money On YouTube By Monetizing Your Videos

Technology is increasing rapidly day by day, millions of the people from different countries across the world are using internet. If you have good knowledge of some specific topic in which you are experienced and looking for the any method to share that with others and also make money online through it, free online chat rooms then I hope you will find out a lot of making money online guides published on this blog.

A lot of people just like you are making decent income online through different ways that I am sharing on this blog these days. Some of their earning sources are Blogging,Offering Services,Freelancing,YouTube Monetization etc. Now you have one important question in your mind that can I make money online? Yes, why not if such people are making money online by utilizing their time in useful work, then you can surely generate decent revenue.

Let’s move to our main topic which is how to make money on YouTube by monetizing our videos. Philip Defranco, a famous YouTube star is making around $181,000 per year. The path to his success wasn’t easy and it took him a lot of time, patience and hard work. And now he is able to make decent revenue through his YouTube channel.

Still you have one question in your mind that what if i don’t have good experience in video editing or any kind of photography, still i will be able to generate revenue? Again answer to this question is Yes.

You can earn handsome income from your YouTube Channel just like the other people who are making money from their websites or blogs.All you need to do is to create useful video tutorials,upload them to YouTube, make them viral and then monetize them through Google Advertisements (Google AdSense) or apply for YouTube partner program.

Well i am going to explain all of these things one by one below and at the end if you have any question,feel free to ask in comments and i will be happy to help you by answering them.

Follow the five important steps with tips mention below in order to monetizing your YouTube channel for maximum revenue.

Step 1 : Creating YouTube Account
Our very first step towards monetization from YouTube video is to create our own channel. Just create a new Gmail account and sign into YouTube, after that you will need to set up your channel according to your needs.

Useful tips

Make sure that the account that you are going to create will be related to your profession/topic etc.
Don’t try to create new accounts again and again. Just sticky only with one YouTube channel and work on it.
Try to choose a unique username that must be related to your topic/niche or profession etc. This will help you to get more YouTube channel subscribers.
Second Step : Upload YouTube Videos
When you ask how much money I will be able to make from YouTube videos, well all it depends upon the quality of video that you are uploading. For websites or blog quality content matters, just like that quality videos matters a lot in ranking as well as revenue. Again important advice to you that choose the topic wisely in which you are experienced.

Useful tips

Your Videos must be of Good quality.
Try to upload unique videos on YouTube that are not published by any other channel.
For better rankings and to get more subscribers, create and upload videos on regular basis.
Make sure that you are not uploading any Copyrighted video.
Choose the title of your video wisely and make it attractive and simple in order to get more attention of YouTube users.
Step Three : Increasing YouTube video views
The next thing that you should need to do is to increase the number of views on your channel and videos also. The more videos views you will gain,the more revenue you can generate from Google Ads. For making anything viral on the internet, promotion is the very first and main factor. This will not only help you to get more video views but you will also get more YouTube subscribers.

After that when you started getting good views for your videos, submit your application for approval.

Useful tips

Make sure you have connected your YouTube account with social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc , so that whenever you will upload a new video it will be automatically published to your social profiles. In this way you will be able to get more views.
You can also promote your YouTube videos through your own websites or blogs.
Step Four : Start Making Money on YouTube
Once you have upload good number of high quality video tutorials that are getting maximum response and views from YouTube users, then the very first method that i would recommend you to apply for YouTube partner program.

Before applying, make sure that you are not breaking their guidelines.Some of the important things that you should need to keep in mind that if you are going to use Google AdSense in your videos, make sure you are above 18. After submitting application, if you are disapproved from their partner program, then you will only be able to apply once again after two months.

Due to number of applications, it takes a lot of time for them to approve, therefore be patient and wait up to two weeks for their response.

Five Step : Be Patience and Consistent
As i already mentioned above that making money online is not an easy task either you are using your blog or website or through YouTube by monetizing them. In order to get success, hard work and patience are two essential factors.If you are lacking in any of these two factors, earning money online will be difficult task for you.

In starting days, you will not be able to generate good revenue, but with the passage of time you will generate handsome income from Google.

I hope you enjoyed this long guide about making money on YouTube by monetizing your YouTube videos. If you have any query, feel free to ask in comments and also let us know your feedback on this guide.