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The Reasons Why Men Want Super Cars

It’s a fact that most men dream of owning a super car such as a Ferrari but because of their large price tags the majority of people will never get the pleasure to own one.

Although there are people out there that love super cars so much that they will actually settle for a “cheap” house so they can own the super car of their choice. Ceramic coating Melbourne We’ve all seen those people that have a tiny little house but a Lambo in the drive way.

It’s a tough decision. What’s more important to a man, a nice house or a nice car?

One reason why most men want a super car is because of the status that a super car brings.

In the times we live in our culture is totally obsessed with watching celebrities and becoming a celebrity. Owning a super car leads people to treat you like a celeb because they know you’ve got money. Some men dream of this so they want the super car for people to treat them like a celeb. Strange I know.

Another reason for owning a super car is the feeling of power it gives you. Theres nothing nicer to a man than being at the traffic lights knowing that you can smoke the car next to you.

Or the feeling of being on the the highway and knowing that you’ve got all that power under your foot and all you have to do is increase the pressure a bit and you’re off like a lightening bolt.

Another reason most men are in love with super cars is because they’re like chick magnets. Girls love a man with a super car. I don’t know the exact reasons why but they do.

But possibly one of the biggest reasons men love supercars is the noise. It’s an amazing feeling hearing the roar of the engine when you touch the throttle. It sounds like a lion coughing up thunder!

So these are the reasons why men love their super cars.